Truckcenter Aalsmeer

Truckwash Aalsmeer offers many benefits alongside the cleaning. For example, we are connected with AVJT and we are part of Truckcenter Aalsmeer.

Truckcenter Aalsmeer

Our Truckwash is part of Truckcenter Aalsmeer. Alongside our Truckwash you can find some other businesses for maintenance for your truck.

Carrier Transicold
For the maintenance of your trucks refrigeration unit you can go to Carrier Transicold. This well-known service center employs experts in refrigeration- and air treatment units.

JS Laadtechniek
Is your hydraulic tailgate due for inspection? Go over to JS Laadtechniek. They have years of experience with mounting, repairing and maintaining tailgates. You can reach JS Laadtechniek at 0174 54 03 40.

VTS Aalsmeer
Visser Trailer Service offers professional servicing for the chassis of your trailer. If your trailer is in need of repair, then VTS Aalsmeer has you covered. You can reach VTS Aalsmeer at +31 (0)620 – 24 37 73.

Shell TruckDiesel
We do not want you to run out of fuel, so the presence of a Shell TruckDiesel gas station is very convenient. You can fill your gas tank with the Euro Shell Card at this unmanned gas station.



You can come to our TruckWash with your AVTJ Card. This way all your washes will end up on one specified collective invoice.

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